All members are required to have firearms safety training.

A copy of your training certificate, diploma, or card is required with your application. Your application will be denied without proof that you have firearms safety training.  We accept a wide range of courses, such as Hunter Safety, NRA Safety Courses, IPSC Safety Check Cards, National Range Officers Institute., Shooting & Training Schools such as “Gunsight”, “Talon”, etc., Concealed Carry Weapon Permits, and Shooting Competition Classification Cards.  If you don’t have this training please contact us and we will help arrange training to qualify you for membership.  We do not accept military recruit weapons training as a safety course.

If you are a resident of Clear Creek County (which must be proven) you may print out the membership application, complete it, and mail it in at any time.  Applications from Clear Creek County residents are all accepted for the consideration of membership. Contact webmaster for application.


Information on the Application Process:

  • Ongoing, residents of Clear Creek County may apply to and join the Club at any time.
  • The current application window for out-of-county (non-Clear-Creek County) residents opened on July 11, 2019 but is now closed as of August 16, 2019
  • We closee the application window upon receiving 25 out-of county applications.
  • On the day we receive 25 cumulative out-of-county applications we’ll post a notice on the website that we’re no longer accepting applications.
  • Applications postmarked after the date we close the application window will not be accepted.
  • There were 10 out-of-county spots available.
  • The first 10 out-of-county applications we received qualified for immediate membership.
    • That is, we’ll invite you to a range-orientation session in the next month or so to complete the application process.
  • All other applications will be placed on a waiting list.
  • To the extent we have out-of-county spots available in March 2020 (following our next Jan 1 to Feb 28 annual-renewal cycle), we’ll contact persons on the wait list and invite them to join.
    • If we don’t have sufficient spots available in March 2020 to admit all applicants on the waiting list, we’ll maintain that list until the following March, and so on, until all wait-listed applicants have been admitted.
  • Once all wait-listed applicants have been admitted (anticipated March 2020 or March 2021), we’ll open another application window.
  • To the extent we must prioritize a group of applications received on a given date, we’ll shuffle those applications blindly to arrive at a randomized prioritization.

Still have membership questions? – Call board member Brian Dotterer at 303-929-0234.

Applications for out-of-county membership are not being accepted at this time.

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