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TitleBrass Annealing
Listing Date07.11.18
Sale Price10 cents per case
DescriptionRifle shooters, if you are interested in getting your bottleneck cases annealed let me know. Annealing helps your cases last longer and size better for overall better accuracy, consistency and performance. I anneal using the salt bath method, contact me for details!
NameLance Schul
Photo (if provided)
TitleWilson Combat CQB .45 WCT14125
Listing Date07.28.18
Sale Price$1.900
Description98% condition. Arvada
NameLonnie Niepoetter
Photo (if provided)
TitleThree pistols
Listing Date11.09/18
Sale PriceS&W M&P M2.0 9mm - $390;
40 S&W-$360;
45 ACP-$400
DescriptionThe 9mm and 45 are new, the 40 is used.
NameScott Blatnik
Photo (if provided)Will send pictures for requested items
TitleLee Reloading Equipment
Listing Date02.05.19
Sale Price$150.00
DescriptionLee Auto Breech Lock Pro Progressive Press Lee Universal Case Feeder Lee Case Collator
5.56/223 Rem Shell Plate
9mm Shell Plate
Lee Breech Lock Bushing Lock Ring Eliminator Lee Breech Lock Pro 7 Cavity Family Mold (black plastic spare parts kit) Lee Breech Lock Pro 3 Cavity Family Mold (red plastic spare parts kit)
NameTim Cotariu
Photo (if provided)
TitleRCBS Primer Pocket Swager
Listing Date02.05.19
Sale Price$50.00
DescriptionRCBS Primer Pocket Swager – Bench Tool
NameTim Cotariu
Photo (if provided)
TitleRCBS Primer Pocket Swager Tool
Listing Date02.05.19
Sale Price$20.00
DescriptionRCBS Primer Pocket Swager Tool - 2
NameTim Cotariu
Photo (if provided)
Title3x leather jacket and vest
Listing Date02.05.19
Sale Price$200.00
Description3X Black leather jacket and 2X vest excellent shape
NameMarshall Gutierrez
Photo (if provided)